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  • Children Kids Get kids learning English early on. Our children's courses include a fun introduction to English.
  • Beginners BeginnersBeginners For those with little or no previous knowledge of the English language.
    We'll start with the basics.
  • Intermediate Intermediate For those with a little knowledge , perhaps from school or college. We'll refresh and build your skills.
  • Advanced Advanced For those who can hold a conversation in English, we'll focus on phrasing, structure and flow.
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  • Business
  • Online
  • Private
  • Events
Business English Lessons
Communicate Internationally

Learning English will open new avenues for your business. You'll be able to discuss your products, markets and plans with potential partners worldwide. You'll be able to keep up with relevant international discussion and stay at the forefront of your industry.

English Lessons At Work

We provide group or private lessons at your place of work. Saving you time and money by teaching on your premises, and encouraging team-building too.

Learn English Online
Learn from work or home

Get tailored lessons, live, wherever you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. We offer this service worldwide, so you can learn with Ingles Agora wherever you are.

Exactly what you need

Regular lessons to improve your English gradually, or a focus on conversation topics and etiquette before a big meeting - our online lessons are flexible to meet your needs.

Private English Lessons
Private English Lessons

Our private English lessons are designed to meet your needs exactly. Taking into account your current language ability, the reasons you want to learn English, and the amount of time you have available.

Qualified Tutors

You'll be paired with one of our expert English tutors who will teach you the Enlish language structure and semantics alongside useful phrases, slang and greetings..

Learn English Events
Ingles Grupo Ágora Eventos

Nós regularmente realizar eventos de grupo, como visitas a atracções locais, onde os nossos alunos são incentivados a ter discussões em Inglês. Eles são uma ótima maneira de aprender Inglês em um cenário da vida real.

Todo mundo é bem-vinda

Apenas siga-nos no Facebook, Twitter ou Google+ para saber quando o nosso próximo evento é. Mesmo se você ainda não é um estudante e apenas curioso, deixe-nos saber que você está chegando e você pode se juntar ao grupo.

Exam Preparation EN

  • TEOFL +

    The most widely respected English-language test in the world.
  • GMAT +

    Business schools trust the GMAT exam to make admissions decisions.
  • TOEIC +

    Used to demonstrate English proficiency for all visas.
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